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We Manage Your Security So You can manage your business

We provide a UK Nationwide guard dog security service. We provide dog security in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex
how we do it

It Starts With You

No matter how similar, every guard dog security requirement is different. We find out your requirement and provide a service that delivers.

Managed Security

Our K9 Dog Units are in regular communication with our control room, we monitor our guards and your premises.


Our regular reports contain pictures of your site, visitors, vehicles so you can be sure your site is secure.

Sound the Alarm

We often provide Rapid Deploy Alarms, to work with our Guard Dog Security, to cover large sites.

Effective Guard
Dog Security

The Service

Often needed at short notice, we provide site signs (for legal reasons), welfare facilities, security chains/locks, site contact number, all that is needed to provide an effective service

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We have a sniffer dogs and general purpose security guard dogs, whether needed for crowd control or to aid in evictions, securing property.

Monitor Your Security

We Use Technology to Provide Overwatch
Our Dog Security Patrols have GPS tracker devices so we always know the location of our security dog units. Our Guards wear body cams, so we can be sure that every incident is recorded.
Discover All Features
  • Construction Security
  • Bailiffs Dog Security
  • Travellers Eviction Services
  • Warehouse Security

Construction Security

One Guard Dog Security can be more effective than two or more security guards.
  • Our of hours security service
  • Asset protection, GPS tracker on high value goods
  • CCTV on main gate (included with 24 hour security)
  • Large signage on around site
  • Upgraded Locks on gates
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Bailiffs Guard Dog Security

Eviction Bailiffs

We can aid your bailiffs or provide our own, to assist in evicting trespassers, squatters, we have experience in providing this kind of security.
  • Out of hours start time as standard
  • Bodycamera and photographic evidence on arrival
  • Locksmith Service
  • Approved visitors / contractors
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Travellers Guard Dog Security


If you have groups from the travellers community on your land or recently evicted, we can provide security to help with the eviction or protect the premises to avoid another group camping.
  • Bailiff support if required
  • Signage, temporary security measures installed
  • Permanent security measure supplied
  • Evidence collecting from on site guards
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warehouse security dog

Warehouse Dog

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You know the costs of not getting security in place
We know how to provide a quality dog service.

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01 - Framework Agreement

Dog Security on Demand

If you do not know when, where or what security you will need, we can set up an zero hours agreement, with a pre agreed level of service and rates, this means you already have an arrangement in place, - when you need us, just call and benefit from a priority service.
02 - Complete Service

One Stop Shop

More than just a guard dog service, we provide everything that is required for your security service, well wefare units, security sign, temporary lighting, security chains, padlocks, fencing and hoarding. Rather than make dozens of phone calls, we make all the arrangement and co-ordinate with our contractors, so you can continue with your business, know you are in safe hands.

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We have provided security guard dogs for a wide range of companies and bring our experience to every scenario.

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